From Zoom-Platform come Bug fixes, more localizations, trading cards, and more! 

First things first, the price has been lowered to $9.99 (or your regional equivalent). To celebrate the release of this update, we're also having a 15% off sale lasting a week!

🔧 Bug Fixes

Zoom-Platform has addressed various issues people were having when running the game on modern systems. If you encounter more bugs, please let us know in the community discussions!

🌍 More Localizations

The game now supports Czech, French, German (voiced), Italian, Polish, and Russian (voiced).

Steam Deck Verified

Zoom-Platform made sure the new build of the game works flawlessly with the Steam Deck!

☁️ Steam Cloud Saves

Safeguard your saves and continue your adventure with Mona across any of your devices.

 Steam Trading Cards & Library Assets

Since Zoom-Platform is already here making updates, Zoom-Platform taken the opportunity to add emotes, backgrounds, trading cards, and badges. Zoom-Platform spruced up the library art as well!

That's all for now, Autumn Moon Games and Zoom Platform hope you enjoy these additions and fixes. Thank you for your support, and happy gaming!

A Vampyre Story original box layout.

Just for fun we thought I'd share with you what the layout looked like for the original A Vampyre Story game box.